You know, those moments right before upheaval
  1. You're walking around the produce section of the grocery store sipping your coffee when....
    Wait a second... Is that?
  2. You feel IT. The drop. The unholy drop in your stomach
    Right now? Really? By the fuckin' strawberries?
  3. The awful roiling in your stomach start kicking up. You desperately try to remember what you ate
    Shit, was it the eggs? Bacon? Goddamn it.
  4. You're pretending that it's not happening. You're trying to suffocate all memories of yaking, ESPECIALLY in a public place
  5. The panic sets in
  6. Why? Why!? What did I do to deserve this?
  7. Oh no I will NOT puke I am STRONGER than this!!
  8. Fuck, where is the bathroom?
  9. Pull it the fuck together, you cannot vomit by the poultry
  10. Oh boy. Oooohhhh boy.
    Bathroom. Bathroom!
  11. What did I ever do to deserve this!!!? I am a nice person! A kind person!
  12. Alright, almighty power above, I will do anything to not puke right now. Chop off my tit? DONE.
  13. Begging to not have someone walk into the bathroom. Cursing the person walking into the bathroom.
  14. *Flushing the toilet to cover the noises of you losing your sanity in the stall*
  15. Wiping away the puke tears, fixing your bun, continuing on with your grocery shopping