Working full time means being awake full time 🙃😭
  1. Is that my alarm
    Please no. It's just my imagination. Damn I'm so good at that. Wait. No. Definitely my alarm. FUUUUUUUUUUCK
  2. Ok, so how much longer can I sleep? *burns retinas looking at phone screen* great! 10 more minutes
  3. There's my alarm. I should probably get out of bed.
    This cocoon is so comfy. Warm. Comfy. Safe. Waaaaahhhhhhh.
  4. Nina, if you get up now you can shower, put on makeup AND go to Starbucks.
    Man the basic runs strong in me.
  5. *still doesn't get up*
    If you get up now you can get Starbucks AND a bagel
  6. Ideal workday: 10-6.
    I get to sleep in, get coffee, be awake while operating my car AND be a functional adult
    But not late enough not to the the Starbucks 😎