😻 + 😈 = 👌🏻
  1. Cat hair gets everywhere.
    Today, I found some between my phone & phone case. Also found in: nail polish, water, Tupperware, tampons.
  2. Kitty litter will be found where you least expect it. Vacuuming will only momentarily stop the spread
    So far it's been seen in my carpet, on my balcony, in my bed, in my underwear drawer, in pockets of my cardigans, in my fridge, on my couch, my chair, in my shower, in my makeup bag, in my plants in my shoes, in my cubicle at work
  3. They get what they want
    Is my owner sleeping at 5:30? Not anymore! "GOOD MORNING! Let's coexist until you try to pet me in which I'll scamper away!" Only to continue yowling until I rose from my bed at 6:30
  4. Expect random bursts of energy
    Only to be followed by random bursts of inactivity
  5. Charging at reflections & getting startled easily
    I cry laughing every time: 😹
  6. Never being in a room alone. Again.
    Want to use the bathroom alone? Sorry I need your attention!
  7. This is truly the best life