I had this revelation on the drive to my class. Hopefully you're amazed too?
  1. So I'm doing my normal drive to class tonight right, and I pass the same house in the ritzy part of my city
  2. I pass the same white-ish slightly Spanish architecturally inspired house that last week had straight up dirt for lawn.
  3. That's when I spot it
  4. Fucking sod
    As in the roll out grass. See example:
  5. This brand new house that doesn't even have furniture yet but HAS A FUCKING LAWN
  6. How amazing is it that we live in a time where you can literally ROLL OUT GRASS!?
    I'm amazed. I was literally so amazed.
  7. Goddamn roll-out grass. We live in a world with grass you can roll out! We live in a world where panera bread delivers AND you can get a lawn in about 5 minutes.
    Amazing! Revolutionary!
  8. Ah yes, what amazes the mind of a 23 year old
    Let me live!