1. Recently I picked up cycling
    Now it's become a 15-30 mile a day addiction. I'm not mad
  2. Recently I upgraded from a balloon tired cruiser to a sleek and sexy road bike
  3. Meet The Bianchi
    Sexual orientation: this bicycle
  4. I have a few names they are options for this bike. In case you need more of a visual, pictures of the Brava are located below.
    With name suggestions
  5. Charlotte
    A strong, fierce woman who will go the distance
  6. Racing Violet
    Maroon bike that will inevitably be used when I start to race
  7. Or Nimbus
    No picture for this one:I was riding around my favorite park this evening. The sky was cotton candy-esque. I was FLYING around on this bike. I had my favorite music on, the biggest dopiest grin on my face feeling free and happy. In that moment of exuberant happiness, I needed to be able to describe this feeling. For whatever reason, Harry Potter's first time on his Nimbus popped into my head. The exhilaration, freedom, and happiness that Harry experienced in that moment was EXACTLY my feeling
  8. What do you all think? Is there another name(s) you think may be thrown into the mix?? Let me see em! What do you think of the current choices? I'm open 😮😮
  9. Racinante, Don Quioxte's horse. Also, the name of the R.V. in Steinbeck's: "Travels with Charley".
    Suggested by @eriknmichaelssrn