1. Wake up with my hand in my pants
    Is this normal????? It's an every morning thing
  2. Lunge from my bed to the bathroom in the morning
    I want a juicy booty and those sexy shiny tan thighs. I'll let you know when it starts working.
  3. Pop face/chest/boob/back zits
  4. Eat chocolate and drink coffee for breakfast
    I'm an adult I swear
  5. Inspect my eye boogers and nose boogers
    You're a liar if you say you don't pick your nose and I won't hear any excuses
  6. Pull mascara off my eye lashes
    I always end up ripping out a few too.
  7. Play with my belly fat/thigh fat
    I like to make animated sounds too
  8. Sit on my couch shirtless & pantsless
    It's a good life!