I used to say these ironically. Used to.
  1. It's lit/lit
    Lawd help me
  2. Clutch
    I of all people should know this is ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE USED WHEN TALKING ABOUT MY CAR
  3. Prime
    Used to be in reference of AmazonPrime. Now everything is prime :(
  4. Y'all
    I cover a southern territory and it's now integrated into my every day life
  5. Slay
    This one is painful
  6. Savage
    Thanks Beyoncé. I can't stop.
  7. Peasant
    Also directly stems from Beyoncé.
  8. Swole/getting swole
    Pre-gym days I'd laugh at those bros. Now I am one.
  9. Turnt/turn up
    I don't even drink. This is awful.
  10. Only God can't judge me/Jesus help me/pray for me
    I'm an atheist. I don't believe in this nonsense!!
  11. Praise
    Again, atheist.
    Broad City has changed me.
  13. I can't even
    I can't even. Honestly. I can't.
  14. Literally & actually
    This is actually the worst one. See?
  15. Dope
    Cat just died? DOPE. Farted in a public place? DOPE. That burger? DOPE.
  16. Zero/ No Chill
  17. Dabbing
    I am just as ashamed as you are
  18. Calling people Daddi
    Yep. Judge away