This should really be "if money AND proper training" weren't options. Boy, this gives me a lot of anxiety for something hypothetical!
  1. Writer
    I don't know what I would write or where I would write it, but if I were less inhibited and more talented I would do it in some capacity.
  2. Food Critic/Food Social Media Person
    Food is easily one of of my favorite things. Plus since I live in one of the best food cities in the world, I baaaasically already do this (weird/lame brag about being an Elite Yelper). Maybe my mother should have pushed this further when I borrowed Ruth Reichl books from the library as a kid.
  3. Podcast Host
    Is this the same thing as radio host? I dunno. But I do know that it'd probably be fun to find some compelling topics, ask some probing questions, engage in witty repartee, and showcase my man voice to all the world.
  4. Cause Marketer
    How do you make people pay attention to and care about important things? Don't ask me, it's not my job. But it sure sounds interesting and fulfilling (given adequate resources and budgets).
  5. Graphic Designer
    My artistic skills are god awful but I love me a good design and solid imagery. Someone teach me how to make things!
  6. Small Business Owner
    Okay assuming failure also isn't a big factor, owning a company and controlling the assets/all the moving pieces would be bomb.
  7. Project Manager
    I like this title, it's both important sounding and vague. Much like small business ownership, it sounds fun to have your hands in a lot of different things at a high level and evaluate those results for a cool group or company.
  8. Commercial Pun Developer
    This is sort of made up. But the University of Miami's bus system is called the Hurry 'Cane and every pho restaurant ever has a great name (Pho Show, Friend or Pho, Pho Shizzle). I could be the guy who comes up with those!
  9. VP or higher at one of my favorite companies/brands
    Embarrassingly lofty, but these could include (though are not limited to) Sesame Street, Yelp, The Infatuation, AdCouncil, several TV networks/conglomerates, The Skimm, @list, trendy/awesome firms with good products or marketing, a cool company that hasn't been invented yet...etc.
  10. Women's Health Advocate
    Ugh all these other choices are so selfish and millennial and ugh. I am passionate about female empowerment and access though, and helping others without having to consider financial constraints would be incredible.