1. Pumpkin
    Age 0 - Because I was a baby in America.
  2. Chic Homemade Leopard
    Age 6 - A really cool Halloween costume that had its own velour leopard print skirt. I spent most of the night telling people that I was a LEOPARD, not a cheetah.
  3. Hippie
    Age 7 - My former hippie mother did not give me very authentic advice for this costume, so I just wore a tie dye shirt with a headband and sunglasses while carrying around some daisies.
  4. Baby
    Age 8 - Feeling very retro one Halloween, I sported a onesie with pigtails and carried a fake rattle.
  5. Colonial Lady
    Age 8-10 - It started out as a costume for a historical field trip but it became so much more.
  6. Doctor
    Age 9 - My mom ordered me a pair of scrubs with "Nina Klopfer MD" embroidered on them. Still not really sure why this wasn't questioned.
  7. Austin Powers
    Age 11 - I was the best Austin Powers my elementary school Halloween parade had ever seen.
  8. Mickey Mouse
    Age 12 - My friend and I dressed as Mickey and Minnie for our middle school Halloween dance. She looked way cuter, maybe because she was ALLOWED TO DRESS LIKE A GIRL.
  9. Tina Fey
    Age 15 - Because obviously. Striped shirt, a blazer, jeans and glasses: ya can't go wrong. Also a coffee and a 30 Rock DVD for good measure.
  10. Miscellaneous College Costumes
    Age 18-21 - Repeated nights of Halloween and various themed events lend themselves to many last-minute, half-assed costume ideas. All mediocre except for...
  11. Ash Wednesday
    Age 19 - When college Halloween parties had become tired, one party's theme was "Anything but Halloween." My friend and I chose one of the more irreverent holidays, Ash Wednesday. We donned simple, conservative outfits topped with crosses on our foreheads.
  12. Rosie the Riveter
    Age 21 - Because I am a feminist!
  13. Working Girl/Corporate Bitch
    Age 22-? - Professional clothing is a costume for me. Where my leggings at?!