Photos on My Phone That Accurately Depict My Aesthetic

  1. A burger from The Spotted Pig. Also, ~dark lighting~
  2. Manhattan, as seen during a jog, feat. pretty blues and clean lines.
  3. This was my screensaver for a long time.
  4. The best photos I take with my bf is when we're being all preppy and whatnot (here, in Boston).
  5. I took this at the Strand one day, it's one of my comfort spots in the city and also I'm a little bookish.
  6. This is more #aestheticgoals than my actual aesthetic but it's on my phone and I like it & it's peaceful so we're gonna run with it.
  7. Pencil me in, yo. 😏
  8. My sunset pics have been KILLING on insta lately.
  9. I HAD to do another food one, okay?