Sometimes New York Is Really Disgusting

  1. I didn't fully realize how gross New York can be until I visited Boston, where you can eat off the streets
  2. And the trains were spacious and quiet with no remnants of human feces to be found
    Poop free on the T!
  3. New York, on the other hand, is a scummy filth pit with few reprieves from the grime
  4. Like when there is literal garbage scattered all over the sidewalk
    Not even bags: pieces of garbage strewn even which way
  5. Or when your train is pulling into a station and it smells like you're driving into a toilet
    Looking at you, 34th St-Herald Square on the F/M line. Also this photo has the wrong trains on it?
  6. People regularly touch themselves in public like it's nbd
    Photo description redacted, obv.
  7. One time I was eating dinner on a small restaurant patio and the air conditioner from the apartment above dumped water on my head
    I'm fine except for the Legionnaire's Disease
  8. The ubiquitous smell of hot trash in the summer could choke a small animal
  9. But sadly NOT the huge ass rats and cockroaches that scamper in front of you at any given time or place
    This guy's okay though
  10. Being splashed by dirty bus water is both a very real hazard and something that happened to me when I was just a wee NYC intern
    I didn't look this cute
  11. Does anyone else remember the Chop't Rat Wrap?
    I almost throw up every time I see that
  12. Subway sweat is too real and always terrible
    This isn't a stock photo, this is real life
  13. Apparently there is a blog called New York Is Gross so perhaps I've found my calling and will go contribute there now
    Nina out.