I'm not even a maj Season 7 hater, but I still can't put these aside.
  1. It's really effing weird that Rory lives alone in Logan's huge fancy apartment
    Everyone's cool with this? Lorelai and Christopher don't insist on paying for housing for their child that Logan doesn't control? It's not lonely and lowkey creepy to live alone amongst your boyfriend's college apartment things?
  2. In what universe would Rory actually befriend the annoying artsy girls?
    Just nah. Shotout to Krysten Ritter though
  3. And why would she bring them home to Stars Hollow for fun on a random Friday night?
    Don't hangout on campus or at bars in your senior year of college! Just go to your brand new friend's quirky small hometown when no one's home for some hair dying and a real good time!
  4. Plus the fact that Lucy refers to Marty only as "boyfriend" is maybe the most annoying plot device in the entire show
  5. Speaking of which, why bring Marty back at all?
    Le yawn.
  6. The stock footage of Paris during Lorelai and Christopher's trip is painfully bad
    Like soo so so so bad, with equally cringe worthy French accents and characters.
  7. Okay, Lane seriously got pregnant WITH TWINS the ONE time she had sex, when losing her virginity on her honeymoon?
    Don't forget the weird imagery about sand that goes along with this.
  8. Ughhhhh Christopher (times a billion)
    Fuckin Christopher.
  9. Anna Nardini is a ridiculous bitch
    She's so controlling and moody and always has to talk to Luke in private!
  10. I just don't share the April hate that all the rabid fans have
    She's spunky and confident and kind of a better version of Rory at this point in the show. And the character herself is not the issue with Lorelai and Luke, y'all.