1. Finding more money in my bank account than expected
  2. Realizing it's time for a meal
  3. Eliciting a laugh from someone tough to crack
  4. Having a great experience at a new restaurant
  5. Extra cheese
  6. Close, meaningful relationships with interesting people who've been carefully vetted
  7. A massage
  8. Everything running smoothly & on time
  9. Waking up to the smell of bacon
  10. Clean lines
  11. Realizing goals
  12. Tina Fey
  13. That post-workout feeling, though not necessarily the workout
  14. Feeling "moved" by shows of the TV, movie, or Broadway variety
  15. Coziness
  16. Witty banter
  17. Adorable babies and puppies (but not kittens)
  18. Fully charged batteries
  19. Bookstores
  20. New York, most of the time