Life, as a man scribbles on the train

There's a man scribbling on the subway
  1. And a woman dumping fishy water down into the street
  2. And a woman exasperated with her nonlistening man
  3. And a man sighing at his exasperated woman
  4. Three little blondes with the auras of cherubs
  5. A young couple loving
  6. A man in the sun, across two green chairs, fast asleep
  7. A woman afraid
  8. A woman unafraid
  9. Questions and answers
  10. Looks and calls
  11. Vendors vending
  12. Men craving a smoke
  13. Women craving a glance
  14. Train rolling, windows open
  15. Lights shine, lights flicker
  16. All this
  17. And a man scribbles on the subway