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  1. I don't need to explain why I keep this on my phone
    Because duh.
  2. Deep thoughts about My Best Friend's Wedding
    Another 3 "TWENTY EIGHT"s and a bunch of skull emojis are cut off
  3. That time we were second on the iTunes Charts
    Radio isn't dead!
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This is where the magic happens.
  1. A pacifier that says "chill, baby"
    a gift from Dave Davies.
  2. Tiny perfume samples
    For covering up the smell of tacos after lunch.
  3. 4 coffee mugs
    Guggenheim mug. Floral mug. A handmade mug by my NPR editor. A mug promo-ing post partum body acceptance that I thought was weird.
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Queen of the "niche crush"
  1. Captain Von Trapp
    Dat whistle tho.
  2. Zigzag from Holes
    "have you told him about the lizards?"
  3. Johnny Depp (Edward Scissorhands and Chocolat)
    I saved his 'Inside the Actor's Studio' on our TiVo and watched a cool 400 times.
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I cry 2-5 times per week so this is a mere sampling.
  1. iams pet food commercial
  2. The lady's solo in the Rolling Stones song 'Gimme Shelter'
  3. When Peter Sagal says "THIS is npr" at the end of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me.
2 more...
  1. Scooter
  2. Marvin
  3. Moose
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  1. Sent from my toilet
  2. Sent from my bed where I'm holding my phone above my face and dropping it on my face immediately after I press 'send'
  3. Sent from my couch while I watch TV because one screen isn't enough anymore
  4. Sent from the inside of a fart cloud on SEPTA