Queen of the "niche crush"
  1. Captain Von Trapp
    Dat whistle tho.
  2. Zigzag from Holes
    "have you told him about the lizards?"
  3. Johnny Depp (Edward Scissorhands and Chocolat)
    I saved his 'Inside the Actor's Studio' on our TiVo and watched a cool 400 times.
  4. Coach Taylor
    Eyelashes. Moral compass. Scowling.
  5. Dermot Mulroney
    He sure made that baseball tee in 'Must Love Dogs' look good.
  6. Jean Ralphio (aka Ben Schwartz)
    The bigger the hair the closer to God.
  7. Alexander Payne
    Correctly uses the word "verisimilitude" in interviews.
  8. Reza Aslan
    Who said religion scholars can't be heartthrobs?
  9. Marc Maron
    Angry. Neurotic. Cats.
  10. Anthony Bourdain
    Sunglasses strut. Drunk on a tuk tuk.