This is where the magic happens.
  1. A pacifier that says "chill, baby"
    a gift from Dave Davies.
  2. Tiny perfume samples
    For covering up the smell of tacos after lunch.
  3. 4 coffee mugs
    Guggenheim mug. Floral mug. A handmade mug by my NPR editor. A mug promo-ing post partum body acceptance that I thought was weird.
  4. A giant exercise ball
    I started the fad in our office. I'm still proud of that, even tho it was pointless and lasted a month.
  5. Frank Lloyd Wright coasters
    Heartland girl.
  6. Sticky notes that say "crap"
  7. A press kit for R. Kelly's 'Trapped in the Closet' DVD release
    With a t-shirt.
  8. Chicago Tribune from the day I was born
    Not sure what to do with it...
  9. A photo of Alexander Payne that has a rousing quote about the future of cinema in a speech bubble.
    With a second bubble by Sam that says "I'm really attracted to hyphenated names."
  10. Two posters from my favorite museum in Paris (the architectural heritage museum)
  11. The last few lines of my favorite This American Life story
    For inspiration
  12. A large stack of books I hope to read someday.
    But let's be honest.