I'm a happy person so this list is going to be so long .....
  1. My dad trying to speak Chinese with me!
  2. A picture of my nieces playing dress up
  3. Finding cheap avocados,cheese in Shanghai
  4. A sizable gift card to Sephora
  5. All you can eat buffet
  6. All you can drink deals
  7. Opening package from taobao (Chinese Amazon) always feels like Christmas
  8. Monday half price pizza at papa johns
  9. Binge watching Gilmore girls,Seinfeld,parks & rec, psych ,will&grace ,....over and over
  10. My friends aka the familia
  11. Watching Trevor Noah giggle on the daily show ! Those dimples
  12. Puppies and fat cats
  13. Friday nights sing along at my favorite bars with all my girls
  14. My romance novels all thousand of them
  15. Winter
  16. Airports
  17. When someone famous writes back when I tweet
  18. Cooking & baking
  19. Playing the "what happened last night " game with my girls after an amazing night out
  20. Talking to my whole family at the same ( imagine 30 plus people speaking at the same time)
  21. When someone tells me I smell good
  22. The perfect outfit day
  23. Payday
  24. Fast download on torrent
  25. Finding someone with whom I can talk tv shows for hours
  26. Sales
  27. The perfect medical case!