These are the styles that I take note of and am usually forced to either leave the bathroom or look for the urinal furthest away from these culprit
  1. The Hail Mary (the guy who stands too far away from the urinal and you run the risk of accidentally seeing his dick even though you're doing everything in your power not too)
  2. The kindergartner (the guy who is way too old to be Letting his pants fall to his ankles at the urinal)
  3. The gasman (the guy who thinks that a loud fart won't draw your attention but does and gives you a dirty look for looking at him while he's peeing at the urinal)
  4. The don draper (This urinal alpha savage has the audacity to rest both hands on the wall in front of him as if he was was in prison on his first day and had to beat up someone stronger than him to let everyone know how tough he is)