What refugees bring when they run for their lives

The International Rescue Committee asked a 20-year-old mother who fled from Syria to Greece with her husband and 10-month old daughter, what was in her bag. Source: What's in my bag? (International Rescue Committee, 2015) Read full story here: https://medium.com/uprooted/what-s-in-my-bag-758d435f6e62#.2bcannjl3)
  1. Assortment of medication
  2. Bottle of sterile water
  3. Jar of baby food
  4. Socks and hat for the baby
  5. Sunscreen and sunburn ointment
  6. Toothpaste
  7. Wallet with photo ID and money
  8. Cellphone charger
  9. Yellow headband
  10. Personal documents, including baby's vaccination history
  11. A small supply for napkins for diaper changes