Firefly - Dover, DE 2017
  1. "That's a good sugghhestion"
    The suggestion being that pickles, in their natural form, do not easily fit on sandwiches.
  2. "I loooooooove drugs"
    Prompted by someone saying "I think I'm doing Molly tomorrow."
  3. Just an entire discussion about trading a piece of white bread for a piece of wheat bread
  4. "I quit that to get swoll, bro"
    A kid's response when reminded he used to play men's volleyball
  5. "You know what Palestinians do to Israelis? They stab them."
    A racist, ill informed white boy
  6. "I'm quite drunk and someone tried to steal my identity" And then "Oh no. I spilled milkshake on me."
    My best friend texting me from Wawa
  7. "Can you write "bow bow bow bow bow" on my lower back?"
    As a tribute to t pain
  8. "Acid! Get yer acid! You know you want it!"
    A random boy yelling to me on my stroll to the bathroom
  9. "I've been drinking fourloko!! So I can't get scurvy."
    On me commenting that he hasn't eaten any fruit or vegetables
  10. "Lauren ___________ looks like an Asian meatball."
    In uh reference to someone disliked
  11. "I don't even want to win, I just want it to stop."
    My friend Cole on the idea that "hoes are evil"
  12. "We HAVE to play Niggas in Paris"
    Third time played in thirty minutes, requested from same white boy wearing a shirt that prominently says "what she order?" And then on the back "fish filet"
  13. "If you're going to be a hoe, admit you're being a hoe!"
    A very loud teenage girl at 8AM
  14. "I'm still going to see Weezer though."
    An extremely intoxicated, on the ground, accidentally pouring water all over himself, white boy.
  15. "I don't care about lil dicky." "Because you got a lil dicky."
    Self explanatory
  16. "I paid a fuck ton of money to sit in a field and get fucked up."
    On someone saying they did not want to get drunk at 10:00 AM
  17. Cutting his nails for Lil Dicky
  18. The kid who still wanted to see Weezer
  19. "Can I have a carrot? I haven't had a vegetable in weeks."
  20. "American flag is my favorite color."
    A drunk boy playing beer pong
  21. "The babadook isn't in your closet to scare you, the babadook is in your closet to FUCK YOU."
    - T-Paine
  22. "I want to be as happy as that man holding his pickle."
  23. "The alt right stole Pepé! PEPÉ YOU WERE MY BROTHER."
    On the meme and also the holocaust
  24. "Phoenix can I have some more jungle juice?" "No." "Phoenix please! I have depression!"
  25. "Because we're in a field Molly is okay."
    Good description of Firefly
  26. "Everybody there has AIDS."
    A high boy on the topic "Africa sucks."
  27. Just a kid wandering around the campsite wearing nothing but a dirty towel and eating a block of cheese
  28. A cooler filled with natty lite, butter, and chocolate milk
  29. "I'm at a blackout point!! *high pitched* yaaaaaa!!"
    White girl running by
  30. "The Weeknd gives me a chubby, not gunna lie."
  31. "I'm on my way, I just had sex."
    Some random girl who tramped through our campsite while speaking loudly on the phone