Haha science is weird; co-authored by Kelly Boyd
  1. "So...I did a thing"
  2. "Doin a thing"
  3. "I made a thing."
  4. "#girlsdoingthings"
  5. "Girlies take [city]"
  6. "This got me havin all the feels"
  7. "This got me gettin all the feels"
  8. "So. Much. YES!!!"
  9. "Howling bling"
  10. "Hotline blind"
  11. "Hotline bling"
  12. "So. Much. Yes!!"
  13. "So honored and proud to FINALLY be able to announce that [announcement]"
  14. "Pardon the [imperfection], but I look good today."
  15. "Naughty list"
  16. "Say anything"
  17. "Pardon the double post, but [double post]"
  18. "Bae goals"
  19. "Squad goals"
  20. "Fam goals"
  21. "Pet goals"
  22. "Sister goals"
  23. "Sisters by chance, friends by choice"
  24. "Pope goals"
  25. "President goals"
  26. "Congresswoman goals"
  27. "Birthday goals"
  28. "Drivers Ed goals"
  29. "Drivers license picture goals"
  30. "Goals"
  31. "Flame"
  32. "On fleek!!!"
  33. "When the squad on fleek>>>>>>"
  34. "When the square on cleek>>>"
  35. "Brunch goals"
  36. "MULALA"
  37. "When the sun is shining>>>; when the sun isn't shining<<<<"
  38. "Bae😍"
  39. "#mcm"
  40. "Man candy"
  41. "Tru"
  42. "#flawless"
  43. "This weather is giving me life"
  44. "This brunch is giving me life"
  45. "This hypoallergenic poodle is giving me LIFE!!"
  46. "#coffeeaddict"
  47. "Coffee goals"
  48. "Coffee date with the best!"
  49. "Coffee date, lazy Sunday, best friends. No better way to start the week."
  50. "When the square on cleek>>>>>"
  51. "Fell in love with this city."
  52. "After only 1 day, fell in love with this city. Paris, thanks for the best day of my life."
  53. "Lice goals"
  54. "#wanderlust"
  55. "#liveauthentic"
  56. "#letsgoexploring"
  57. "#vsco"
  58. "#vscocam"
  59. "Proud owner of a new [thing]"
  60. "Can't wait to start this new chapter."
  61. "I guess I kind of like him/her 😁"
    Only to be used on pictures of you with your significant other
    Suggested by @katevh
  62. [activity] with this guy!!!!!
    Suggested by @andrewjorg
  63. "I get to marry my best friend"
    RE: engagement
    Suggested by @ktwoj