Requested by Imay


Irani tea or chai is a Persian style tea. Its something I prepare daily here at F22 labs and the folks love it. Helps us unwind after pushing new release for the List App. Follow the steps to make one
  1. Heat the Milk
    Irani tea is more milky than traditional tea. It doesn't contain any water. If you are making tea for 3 persons, heat 4 cups of milk. (No of servings + 1)
  2. Add Sugar
    6 tea spoons for 3 people (2 per each). Reduce it to one if you are calorie conscious or health freak.
  3. Stir it continuously
    Stir it till it comes to the boiling point. The idea is to make the mixture airy with froth.
  4. Add Tea
    Prefer grain based over powdered tea. Add as many tea spoons as number of servings and stir it. Let it simmer for 10-15 mins. In a traditional Persian tea, tea is boiled separately and added later to the milk. I add it directly to the milk to save an extra vessel and time.
  5. Optionally, add elaichi (cardamon)
    For flavor. @iMay loves it.
  6. Filter it
    Filter all the solid out and pour it.
  7. Enjoy