@mkz thanks for the request. Jotting down few from my personal experience. More specific to an Indian Hindu wedding.
  1. Get Yellow-ed
    We have a ceremony early on the wedding day when family members and friends put haldi (turmeric paste) all over your face, arms and legs. The idea is to make yor look distinctly glowing and fair in the wedding.
  2. Pretend to know relatives you dont know
    You meet relatives you didn't know even existed. And then there's an hour long introduction session with all of them.
  3. Over Dress
    We normally dress up to the occasion but the bride will always reach overdressed. And their over the top jewelery would put rappers to shame.
  4. Baraat Dance
    While all your friends and cousins are getting drunk and dancing on the road, you're just expected to sit high on the horse and watch them.
  5. Buy the footwear you already own.
    Sister-in-laws have the right to steal the groom’s shoes. And get paid for it too! Yes, its a custom.
  6. Prepare for a sore back
    Just after the wedding, couple is expected to seek blessings from all the elders present in the wedding. This involves bending and touching their feet.
  7. Pose
    There are more photo ops than a freaking Vogue cover shoot. Seriously.