A dosa is a thin, crispy crepe-like food made out of fermented mixture of rice and lentils. Its a staple dish in southern states of India. It has many variations as follows.
  1. Plain dosa
    Served plain with sambar and multiple chutneys (sauce) - coconut, tomato and mint chutney.
  2. Ghee roast
    Dosa is roasted with Ghee (clarified butter) instead of oil. Ghee gives it a unique flavor that makes it yummy.
  3. Masala dosa
    Includes masala in the dosa made out of mashed potatoes and spices .
  4. Podi dosa
    Podi is coarse powder mixture of ground dry spices that typically contains dried chilis, urad (bean), chickpea, and sesame seeds. Tamilians traditionally use it as a condiment on idlis, dosas and other South Indian dishes. This powder is sprinkled and spread over dosa.
  5. Egg dosa
    Another variation where an egg is spread over the dosa in its final stage.
  6. Set dosa
    AKA south indian pan cakes. Set Dosas are soft, spongy fluffy dosas made with parboiled rice and beaten rice. They are usually served in sets of 3-4, along with a vegetable curry and some chutney. The batter though fermented is not allowed to turn sour, in fact a generous pinch of sugar is added to cut the sourness if present.
  7. Kal dosa
    Thicker than plain dosa and thinner than set dosa, its just another spongy variety of dosa.
  8. Paper dosa
    Ultra thin, super crispy and rolled like a news paper. Its so big that it can be shared with someone.
  9. Lord dosa
    Flawless dosas made by @x. Roasted with butter and layered with secret sauce, he makes picture perfect dosas. As a signature touch, he grates cheese over it. Stuff worth hogging. @mkz can vouch for it.