If you are a seasoned web developer who has worked with many clients and projects, you may have come across some of these situations.
  1. Fixing other developers code
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    WTF does this code do? Code fixing happens more often than not. if you have always hated doing the documentation (don’t we all?) then know that this is essential for the sanity of anyone who has to touch your code. It’s times like this that we wish telepathy actually exists.
  2. Bugs appear at the worst possible moment
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    After months of hard work and tons of caffeine, you finally released your app to the masses or present it to your client. You're excited and you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Then, it hits. Critical bug occurs during the demo. Clients look at you like you have committed the ultimate crime or soiled the family name. You know what you can do? Keep calm, keep a poker face and fix the bug asap.
  3. Fixed a bug; Now we have Ten.
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    Every developer has been there. After hours of tapping on your keyboard, you finally fix the original bug only to find that you have created additional ones!
  4. Data Lost; No Backup
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    Holey moley. You suffer from a complete data loss and there is no easy way to recover the original data. You curse yourself for not spending time to backup your db data before running that fate changing script on production. This is not a lesson you want to learn the hard way. @mkz clicks?
  5. Making it work in Internet Explorer
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    Its like going back to 90's and write compatible code so that your flying monkey animation works on IE6. Glad that Microsoft is shutting it down. Its never worth the trouble.
  6. Internet Down; We are Doomed
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    As web developers, we heavily rely on internet to collaborate on projects, find code references and fix weird issues. We breathe Stackoverflow. No internet is an isolated "period of darkness" for us. Hats off to the developers or programmers who were doing this before the age of the Internet – I bow to thee.
  7. You are the Expert; You can do anything
    To conclude, I will leave you with this video. The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch) http://bit.ly/1FQkvEL