If you live in Southern California, go. Go on a Saturday when it's busy. 15 people deep at the deli counter doesn't matter because the samples keep coming.
  1. Sandwich
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    This is what I came for. Pre-made. $5. Delicious.
  2. Pizza dough
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    Oh, and this. Once a month they email a coupon for three pounds of free fresh pizza dough.
  3. Meat 1
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    Decided I'd bring a charcuterie plate to dinner for my friend Chris' birthday tonight. This is Bon gusto salami, a house special.
  4. Meat 2
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    Hot soppressata
  5. Cheese 1
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    Creamy fontina
  6. Cheese 2
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    Sharp provolone
  7. Garlic marinated mushrooms
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    A show stopper, always. These will be in my lunch all week.
  8. Marinated artichokes
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    These too.
  9. Gnocchi
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    To eat in the night of the 29th. It's a tradition I leaned about when I lived in Buenos Aires that I'm excited to start adopting.
  10. Coffee
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    Cause I'm out and it was on sale.
  11. Olive oil
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