We rarely have the opportunity to make noise with our friends/family in a public place and I feel like we are wasting the opportunity by always singing the same song.
  1. Sing "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow"
    That'd be fun, right?
  2. Just make a bunch of bird noises.
    Squawks, whistles, hoots, and hee-ahhs (that's the sound an eagle makes, I looked it up)
  3. The "whoa" part from Bro Hymn Tribute
  4. The National Anthem
    That'd be fun and you'd probably get some people to join in.
  5. Da na na. Heyyyy! Da na na na na
    Repeat many times
  6. Chant the birthday person's name
  7. That 50 Cent song about birthdays
  8. See, nothing wrong with the birthday song, but let's mix it up a bit.