They are all awful, but these ones are the worst.
  1. Shoebill
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    A member of the stork family, but instead of delivering babies, it allows its own young fight to the death in an aviary version of the hunger games. What a piece of shit.
  2. Duck
    Males: for their extraordinarily long, twisted, barbed penises as well their propensity for necrophilia (a rarity in the animal kingdom). Females: for their often reciprocating vaginas.
  3. Stingray
    Not technically a bird, but they killed Steve Irwin, so they deserve to be on this list.
  4. Hummingbird
    Relax, dudes.
  5. Bee
    Who cares if you go extinct, anyway? We will program drones to pollinate trees and they'll be way more effective than you. Plus, who has a drone ever hurt?
  6. Golden eagle
    Google: "eagle throws goat off cliff." Maybe throwing up into your babies' mouths causes them to grow up to be assholes. Just a theory.
  7. Ostrich
    "It can kill you, and they are quick, and I just think they are the creepiest of all of them" -Sallie