Also my make it happen list... Try not to get overwhelmed.
  1. Headshot - check
  2. Resume - check
  3. Business cards - check
  4. A reel
  5. Social media following
  6. Get Representation
  7. To network... Constantly
  8. Produce my own content
  9. Finish writing my script
  10. Ask around to find out what people will charge to work on my project
  11. Hire people for my project who are better than me
  12. Sell a TV pilot that I can play a part in down the road.
  13. Network with Casting Directors
  14. More importantly: Network with Directors
  15. Even more importantly: network with Producers
  16. Self tape my auditions and send them to audition notices
  17. Spend hours on Backstage/Actors Access/Central Casting/ did I forget one? <wait no how do I avoid this?
  18. Find & take classes on various aspects on entrepreneurship