Two months to go. Current feeling: doable if I divest myself of a job.
  1. The Right Stuff
    I'm about an optimistic one-third of the way through this and I haven't touched it for months. Lord, give me Rory Gilmore's resolve.
  2. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
    Somehow made it up through college without ever being required to read this. I'm a few chapters in and while I want to read more, I keep getting derailed. But the brother is named Neeley, so I shall persevere!
  3. Veil: The Secret Wars of the CIA 1981-1987
    When the nuances of global policy on 'The Americans' leave me feeling lost, my husband will give me incredibly detailed background info. I asked him how he knows all this stuff (we were both children of the '80s) and he gave me this book. It sat on my nightstand for a couple months, but who am I kidding?
  4. Not That Kind of Girl
    I bought it and after a couple chapters realized I had 'This is my Experience' essay fatigue. It's not your fault, Lena. One day I'll come back to you.
  5. Yes Please
    I love you, Amy. I don't know what's wrong with me. Part of me suspects the title's missing comma is the issue.
  6. All the Light We Cannot See
    Required 2015 purchase, right? Impulse buy at Costco, seems like a good one for Christmas break.
  7. The Blind Assassin
    I've never read Margaret Atwood and feel I'm probably doing myself a disservice, but also worried I won't be into her.
  8. The Clasp
    I have a complicated relationship with Sloane Crosley's writings.
  9. A Zelda memoir
    I don't know, I'm a white girl with hipster tendencies.
  10. Trinity
    We own an original copy and I'm terrified of touching it with my grubby little hands.
  11. The Book With No Pictures
    Getting this for my nephew for Christmas and waiting to read it with him.
  12. Approximately 17 zillion others.