Simultaneously the best and most boring summer job ever.
  1. Worst:
  2. It's boring.
    This might surprise some people, but lifeguarding has got to be the most boring job ever. You really sit and stare at children who know how to swim for 8 hours. It's even worse when no one's at the pool.
  3. You have to clean the pool.
    This wouldn't be that bad if there was more than one guard. Most of the time it's just me trying to broom, skim, and clean the tiles of a 25 yard 8 lane lap pool + a deepend in 45 minutes. Plus, pools are nasty.
  4. Parents usually think you're a baby sitter.
    Even though I am here to keep an eye on your kids to make sure they don't drown, it's not my job to watch them every second when you drop them off. Also, you should really be watching your two year old who can't swim when he's running around and not listening to me instead of talking to your friends.
  5. Minimum wage.
    I don't disagree with the amount minimum wage is, I just don't think lifeguards should be paid minimum wage because of all the work we do and the importance of our job.
  6. Best:
  7. It's gratifying.
    You're protecting people's lives. Also, it's awesome when kids tell you that you're their favorite guard.
  8. Once the cleaning's done, it's relatively easy.
    If no one drowns or talks back to you, it's a good day.
  9. Sometimes, no one comes.
    Best. Days. Ever. I bring books or swim laps.
  10. Storms mean you get to leave early.
    It storms almost every afternoon in the summer here in South Carolina.
  11. You get to get a nice tan.
    I used to bring SPF 4 to work. That's it.
  12. If there's barely anyone at the pool, you can get in and play a game with the kids or something.
    Water baseball, cross pool, alligator? Heck yeah I'll play with you.
  13. Most kids respect you.
    Unlike the parents (some are super nice though), thank God.