I'm not. Obviously. Here is a list of some of my favorites.
  1. Paul Ryan
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    How the hell is he that hot? HOW?
  2. Marco Rubio
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    The cutest of the Presidential candidates in my opinion. Rand Paul is second.
  3. Matt Damon
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    Honestly I think he's cuter than Leonardo DiCaprio- don't hurt me.
  4. Orlando Bloom
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    Sometimes I see old pictures of him from 2005 and swoon. Then I remember he's almost 40 and still super hot. He's the epitome of a hot dad.
  5. Johnny Depp
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    52? Who says? I know this picture is old but it's too beautiful to exclude.
  6. Sean Bean
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    Who can beat him? No one, honestly. Plus I found really hot pictures of him from when he was young. One is included for your viewing pleasure. You're welcome.
  7. I'm not sure if they count but...
    Lee Pace and Luke Evans are both hot and 36. But 36 doesn't seem that old.
  8. George Clooney
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    Especially circa all the Ocean's Eleven remake. Danny Ocean was hot af.
  9. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
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    Hellllllllllo. He's the same age as my mom. That's kinda creepy. But he's still hot.
  10. Christopher Meloni
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    Detective Stabler, yes please. Also, he's 54?!!!???
  11. And a bonus picture of young Orlando Bloom since you read this.
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