1. This isn't so bad...
  2. This is the worst.
  3. Why is it so hot in LA!? Ugh.
  4. Maybe I'll just walk - walking is totally still exercise.
  5. Suck it up. Just run to the top of this hill then you can walk.
  6. Why does it always smell like citronella right here?
    There's this weird corner in my neighborhood that always smells overwhelmingly like a citronella candle. Yet, no candles in sight. A plant perhaps?
  7. Has it been a mile yet?
  8. Sprint choruses and recover during verses. That'll be good.
    Two choruses in and I hated my ambition.
  9. Boob sweat is horrible.
  10. Well I'm pretty sure running 3 miles means I don't have to run again for at least 3 days.