Oh mannnnn.... Can't they all be number one? This causes me actual pain @Nicholas
  1. Moonrise Kingdom
    What kind of bird are you? Everything is just shy of absurd. And I love that.
  2. Fantastic Mr. Fox
    A fucking masterpiece. I own a book about the making of it and it's insane. Plus Mr. Fox's little whistle click is the best.
  3. Darjeeling Limited
    The colors. The suitcases. That train! Also: The Kinks.
  4. The Grand Budapest Hotel
    Boy With Apple! Mendel's treat boxes. All of it.
  5. The Royal Tannenbaums
    Really tied for 4th with Grand Budapest and Life Aquatic. But since we have to conform to traditional numbering it barely edged out life aquatic because that house is a work of genius.
  6. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
    Esteban!!!! The first Wes Anderson film I saw. I was enchanted from the first moment. Ties for 4th! Actually they all tie for first. Let's be serious.
  7. Rushmore
    While I love Rushmore, it doesn't have the same visual finesse that the other films have. And as an art director I feel like I get to be picky about this.
  8. Bottle Rocket
    Only just saw this recently - it is definitely a peek at the brilliance to come but it doesn't make me swoon uncontrollably.