I am so not an expert- especially being from a generation of kids whose parents spokr Yiddish to keep things from us. I'm hoping for great additions from people who know more. Best thing about Yiddish is that so many words don't need definitions since they sound like what they mean " Feh. That guy is such a chnyuck."
  1. Shlemazel - someone with terrible luck who bad things happen to incessantly. Think Job.
  2. Shlemiel - a pathetic nerd. Think title character of A Serious Man
  3. Noch Besser - even better. You ask for an ice cream cone and someone offers you a hot fudge sundae. "Ah/ noch Besser!"
  4. Putz. Particularly obnoxious jackass. Looking at you Donald Trump
  5. Pitza ritza. Can't really be sure but it's definitely not a compliment. My grandmother reserved this term for people she had particular contempt for.
  6. Shiksa/sheigitz: Gentile (female/ male) Tip: if you overhear your new honeys parents refer to you with these terms, they may be less than thrilled at the shidduch
  7. Shidduch : match. (See above)
  8. Shpilkes: like ants in your pants. Oy I have such shpilkes waiting for more people to like this list.