The signs participants displayed in Bernie Sanders March on Broadway Street, NYC
  1. "Earth for Bernie"
  2. "woman for Bernie"
  3. "NYU feels the Bern"
  4. "America's imperialist agenda has led to current international unrest. We've been kept in the dark. It is time for change. Bernie Sanders '16"
  5. "When we stand together. We will always win. Bernie"
  6. "Banks too big to fail. Break 'em up"
  7. "Bernie is not for sale"
  8. "Save democracy. Join the People's revolution"
  9. "Big love, not big money"
  10. "Babes for Bernie"
  11. "Medicare for all"
  12. "Congress doesn't regulate Wall St. Wall St regulates the congress"
  13. LGBT & Union for Bernie"