1. March
    March madness, spring break, my birthday, whats there to not like about March
  2. June
    Perfect beach weather and no school
  3. July
    Still great beach weather and no school but getting a little on the toasty side
  4. May
    School just got out and you have the whole summer to look forward to
  5. August
    Hot as balls and the summer is coming to a end, but hey it's still the summer
  6. December
    Christmas and You're on break
  7. September
    You're back in school, but at least it's beautiful enough to be outside and have fun
  8. April
    It's starting to get nice outside and hey summer is right around the corner
  9. November
    Thanksgiving, break and college football is at prime time
  10. October
    Still decent weather
  11. January
    At least part of the month you're on break..
  12. February
    Cold, school all month, have to buy a Valentine's Day present... worst month hands down