1. Jason Lee
    The first person to take Rodney Mullens technique and turn it into beautiful art. Loose but precise, fast but floaty, just the textbook tre flip that is forever the high watermark
  2. Brian Anderson
    Power is all you need to say about BA and that's what you see in his tre. Makes it look way too easy
  3. Mike Carroll
    I should just shut up and you should go watch the opening library line in Modus Operandi. It is the Bible.
  4. Brandon Westgate
    The back foot stank is a sin whatever trick you do, but somehow Brandon Westgate makes it look better than anyone ever. It's probably just how that he's going faster than everyone else and getting higher off the ground than anyone else. No one can compare
  5. Shane O'niell
    The Mr Clean award. Nothing but pure perfection. Not a foot wrong. Maybe robotic? But a beautiful robotic trick
  6. Austyn Gillette
    This is the tre flip you want. You can whip it out whenever you want, on every terrain, over, down, across, wherever. You'll go faster, pop higher and look better than everyone. And he makes it look way to easy. What a bastard.
  7. Mark Suciu
    Mark Suciu has fast feet. Mark Suciu's tre flip is fast. It's awesome
  8. Luan Olivera
    Here's another comparison of Luan to a Brazilian football player. It's totally valid because he's got the footwork of the best of them. Add that to the fact that he has got pop, style and speed, how can you not be envious?
  9. Dennis Buzenitz
    The ultimate powerhouse. Mach 10 and able to do one of the most stylish 360 flips is why Buzenitz is one of the all time most enjoyable to watch skateboarders ever
  10. Stefan Janoski
    He could do this trick in his sleep and while we sleep we dream about looking this good on a skateboard. And with those long toed shoes of his, this tre looks even better.