Some thoughts I had on my first time.
  1. Ooh nice car
  2. Mm this car smells good
  3. I want a good passenger rating
  4. Maybe I should start a conversation
  5. We're talking about property development now! Omg I know nothing about this topic but this is fun!
  6. My driver is so gentle on the road
  7. Ah, property development again! Hm, maybe I'll bring up the shonky local councillor who's a questionable property developer so it looks like I know about this stuff (but actually it's only because he was all over Daily Mail)
  8. Oh drats, he doesn't know him
  9. Oh well, I tried
  10. Ok...silence...
  11. But not awkward silence - this is nice
  12. This soft r'n'b playlist is so schmexy
  13. Hey JT
  14. *starts singing along to Cry Me a River*
  15. And it's a rainy day, too
  16. Omg I'm a stranger in a stranger's car - is it even ok to sing along to his music?
  17. Omg I'm here already!
  18. Bye Wayne!
  19. Well that was fun