1. Are we in Hotel Cortez or Willy Wonka's factory? Because this play dungeon is very Mike Teavee.
  2. Matt Bomer is so hot.
  3. Don't these people read TripAdvisor reviews?
  4. Naomi Campbell is everywhere these days.
  5. Matt Bomer is so hot.
  6. I'm really confused about what I'm watching and I have no idea what I'm supposed to be feeling or expecting.
  7. Maggot sandwich - gross! That's what you get for picking up someone's random food, you grot.
  8. Omg Evan Peters sounds so creepy and I'm surprised I kind of dig it.
  9. This girl is going to die.
  10. I'm worried for Sarah Paulson. I don't think I've seen her without a cigarette in her hand yet. I hope she doesn't get emphysema.
  11. Oh my gosh so much sexy time.
  12. I'm pretty sure if I found out I was talking to someone claiming to be a vampire born in 1901 my first instinct would not be to roll around in bed with them.
  13. Are you kidding me with that disco entrance?
  14. Nobody puts Bomer in the corner.
  15. Finally some answers. Context!
  16. Evan Psychopath Peters.
  17. I'm totally watching Grindr in action.
  18. Also grinding.