I've finally got away on holiday and have just done the mammoth journey from London to Hilton Head. Here are of the more positive aspects to that enhanced the first day of holiday experience.
  1. 10. Being at Heathrow at 6am and realising it's not a business trip, hence glass of wine totally acceptable and Imbibed.
  2. 9. The relief of finally pushing back from the airport after a 2 hour delay whilst BA fixed the wing of plane. Not acknowledging the repressed anxiety of missing connection at JFK or the rising anger towards BA and their prehistoric 747s.
  3. 8. Subliminally convincing BA that wine is perfectly acceptable accompaniment to a breakfast menu. Ignoring pursed lips of steward.
  4. 7. Getting through immigration in 20 minutes. Helping with connection anxiety.
  5. 6. Running to other terminal and getting to lift and finding it there, doors open and ready. 6b shouting at some ladies dawdling of threshold of said lift to hurry up!
  6. 5. JetBlue security line efficiently moving for once. And nice lady of TSA who was actually chilled and smiling.
  7. 4. The first sip of Sam Adams at the bar, safely in time for flight and the warming sense of relief that we were nearly there. ( I don't include the tater tots that we ordered with said beer which were just fired oil)
  8. 5. Telling little old, smartly dressed Hispanic lady next to me on plane to get off her phone. This was when she started a call to her husband/son/gynocologist/spiritualist at 35,0000ft. (She was totally feigning the not speaking English thing). Sorry lady. I didn't like your energy. Angry pushy granny.
  9. 4. Friendly lady at Avis in Savannah who remembered us. She had amazing acrylic nails, tapping away on that keyboard.
  10. 3. Driving to HHI finally with realisation that all travel was done and holiday can begin, pleased that my phone worked in hire car.
  11. 2. That overwhelming feeling of getting into bed after being up for 21 hours. Advil PM popped and sleep beckoning. (Some wine has helped also)
  12. 1. Being with my man on holiday!!. I AM going to exercise. I WILL NOT eat badly.