1. Be productive on your iPhone
  2. Try to use your iPhone to do things that should really be done on a computer.
  3. Have an espresso
  4. Have another espresso
  5. Check your watch
  6. Try to learn German
  7. Realize jet lag kicks in harder when you haven't had a shower within an hour of getting off the plane
  8. Pray that Billy Joel doesn't come back on the radio
  9. Guess what your overseas cell phone bill will be
  10. Write a contract on your iPhone in Google Docs very slowly
  11. Dream of the staff letting you know your room is ready early
  12. Finally give in and have the breakfast buffet
  13. Eat slowly
  14. Pray
  15. Thank god it's Whitney Houston instead of Billy Joel. Maybe they will play Mariah?
  16. Pray