2016 Trends I Didn't Get Into

For whatever reason, I didn't get sucked into these trends
  1. Highlighting
    I know this trend didn't start this year but I felt like this started trending in the makeup a lot this year. I feel like it's unnecessary unless you're in a photo shoot
  2. Baking
    Another makeup trend. I looked so gross when I tried it. I tried it but didn't get into it.
  3. The Mannequin Challenge
    Love the song but this is a waste of time tbh
  4. The Running Man Challenge
    Again, love the song but there was nothing challenging about this
  5. Pokémon Go
    I was about to try it but didn't. I was really into Pokémon as a kid and the idea of catching Pokémon in real life is cool but I just didn't get into it