1. There are a lot of kind, caring people who show you they care even if they've never met you before
  2. There are a lot of creative people who use wit and humor to express how they feel
  3. A lot of people can write eloquently and make lists that make you think
  4. The importance of gifs and pictures
    @karlalucia is the queen of gifs and pictures
  5. That social media isn't always a toxic place. I know not everyone has good intentions but so far I've had a good experience with this app
  6. The importance of traveling
  7. That people can read really fast and give excellent book reviews
  8. There are people with some hot takes and reading their lists makes me a little more open minded
  9. Everyone has valuable advice and are more than willing to pass on their wisdom
  10. That this is a great outlet that helps me express my creativity in a way that other social media doesn't