2016 A Year in Photos

Let's try this again. I had already made this list but it didn't post or save as a draft (see previous list)
  1. I've only had my phone since April so I'm going to start there
  2. April 2016
    My cousin competed in a Mexican pageant. We were all super proud.
  3. May 2016
    I spent this first day of May in Santa Barbara, CA. It was alumni weekend for UC Santa Barbara and it was my second time going. This was at Knapp's Castle.
  4. June 2016
    Mother Effin HARRY POTTER WORLD!!
  5. July 2016
    My cousin had her bridal shower at a winery and everybody got a little drunk. Best place to have a bridal shower. PS. My cousin low low key looks like Natalie Portman
  6. August 2016
    My cousin got married and she and her husband wore traditional Vietnamese wedding attire. She's Mexican so they danced to mariachi. It was lit
  7. September 2016
    Birthday month! ✨🎂 I had a little adventure in LA
  8. October 2016
    My friends from high school and I got together to carve pumpkins for the second year in a row. (Some are not pictured)
  9. November 2016
    I met Diane Guerrero aka Maritza from OITNB. She's so funny and inspiring. She took advantage of her growing fame to speak on immigration issues that directly affected her and her family
  10. November 2016
    I went to Utah! Zion National Park to be exact. I've never been outside of California except for Vegas which doesn't really feel like another state. It was so trippy!
  11. December 2016
    I don't know if you can't tell from the first picture until this one but I've lost 40 lbs this year! I wish it was more but that's on me. I'm a third of the way done with my weight loss and I'm proud of myself for getting started
  12. Here's to 🎊✨2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣