Books Read in 2017

I know it's practically May but it's been a slow year
  1. Harry Potter And the Order of the Phoenix
    I started reading it in NOVEMBER and finished last week. It's not that I'm a slow reader, I just stopped for a long time.
  2. In The Country We Love by Diane Guerrero
    I bought this book in November when I went to see her speak at the local university. I got to meet her and she signed my book. I didn't want to start reading it until I finished reading Harry Potter because I'm not a quitter.
  3. One Hundred Years of Solitude
    It truly is a book everyone should read. It's beautifully written and so well thought out.
  4. Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince
    I really like learning about Voldemort's backstory because it makes me understand his motivations. Harry actually gets to hang out with Dumbledore and has girl troubles. (I forgot to add this when I finished it)
  5. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows
    I finished the series for the second time! It really is the best series
  6. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?
    A reread because I didn't have money to spend on a new book. Must read