Inspired by @lexie_elyse
  1. Don't Get Too Comfortable at School, You Will Attend Six Different Elementary Schools
    I went to three different elementary schools for second grade alone
  2. I'm A Brat
    A girl called me this so I told on her
  3. Everybody Likes Me
    The one time I was a hot commodity for being the new girl
  4. Nobody Likes Me
    I would stand by a tree by myself during lunch time
  5. Realizing I Have An Accent
    It wasn't until I saw a video of me speaking that I realized it
  6. Naomi Don't You Know Me? I'm Your Homie From Wyoming
    A jingle about me. My name is actually Noemí
  7. Everybody Thinks I'm Annoying
    The worst feeling
  8. Quinceañera
    Four other girls from my high school had their quinceañera the same day and only one of my friends came
  9. An Explanation For Your Depression
    I got diagnosed with bipolar disorder my senior year of high school after a manic episode
  10. Oh Shit. I Graduated
  11. University of California Santa Barbara
    The best five years of my life so far
  12. Quarter Life Crisis: No End in Sight
  13. Why Don't I Know What To Do With My Liiiiiife???