I'm including high school crushes too
  1. Edwin
    I saw him for the first time when I was in fifth grade. He was an escort in my quinceañera and we went to college together. He was my first crush and longest one.
  2. Eddie
    I didn't want to admit that I had a crush on him because all the girls in my class liked him. Looking back I know I was crushing on him
  3. Kevin
    He had a pop star name. (I don't want to say his last name just in case). He moved away and when he came back he had a girlfriend. I had my friend tell him I liked him lol
  4. Bobby
    That was his full name. He was in my band class. I never talked to him
  5. Alex
    He was the first guy I told I liked him. He ended up becoming my best friend for a year before he got a girlfriend who hated me. She swore I was out to steal him from her. But I'm not like that.
  6. Basically all of them were unrequited crushes.