Just some of them...
  1. The bank
    I recently went to deposit my tax return and played this scene in my head
  2. "I'm not a mom"
  3. Blake Griffin
    So random!
  4. The Last Supper
    One of the best scenes I've ever seen
  5. Abbi and Trey
    It's not really a moment I just love the whole evolution of their relationship
  6. Abbi celebrating that Bevers is gone because I've always wanted to dance naked too
  7. Hillary Rodham Clinton
    I don't like her that much but this moment was too good to be true
  8. I love weddings the most
    I love Lincoln
  9. I couldn't find a gif of Jaime pretending to lose control of his brakes on his rollerblades
  10. I need more Ilana moments